Regalia C-191

Regalia C-191

NPN 80067255

The First Natural Product for Men AUTHORIZED for Sale by Health Canada

Regalia C-191 is 100% natural.1
  • Used as an APHRODISIAC for men
  • Helps support the emotional aspects of SEXUAL HEALTH

As seen in the Toronto Sun, National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun and in over 200 newspapers across Canada

90-day Guarantee

To make sure as many men as possible enjoy Regalia C-191, we're offering an incredible guarantee. It's an amazing offer, and we're confident that after trying the product you'll say: "I should've bought this product ages ago!" In the unlikely event you're not completely satisfied with the product2, we'll reimburse you within five days. So give it a try. You've got lots to gain and not a single penny to lose.


Be the next person to write and thank us!

Due to the nature of the product, photos have not been published, to protect the privacy of test subjects.2

I am 80 years old but with this product I think I have 60. Thank you. -R.M.


This stuff works great. Firmer, longer lasting erections, for sure. -A.C.


It works for me real good. I appreciate your capsules. Thanks. -J.W.


I'm back like a king, I can play for hours. I'm so happy. My girlfriend too. -P.G.


It is nice to know that we both can have an enjoyable experience every time. -B.C.


I experienced satisfying results from the very first use of this product. -L.M.


Regalia works great, it took a while but well worth the wait. Thank you. -N.M.


After 5 days I felt the difference already. I will not miss it in the future. -H.L.


I've been taking 2 capsules a day for 20 days, and it's made a big difference! -G.M.

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YES, I want to regain all of the energy and sexual vigour that I had at 20! Therefore, I would like to receive Regalia C-191, which was authorized for sale by Health Canada. I'll take advantage of its incredible 90-day satisfaction guarantee. That will give me all the time I need to try this revolutionary product risk-free. If, during this period and for whatever reason, I am not entirely satisfied with the results, I can return my remaining capsules to you and I will be immediately reimbursed. With respect for these conditions, send me the treatment as indicated below:

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1Always read the label and follow instructions carefully. 2Actual results may vary depending on the individual. 5Accepted claims - Maca helps enhance the emotional aspects of sexual health. Tribulus is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine as Vrsya (an aphrodisiac) for men. Korean ginseng is used in herbal medicine to help boost physical stamina and performance (in cases of physical stress). Cayenne is traditionally used in herbal medicine to help maintain healthy peripheral blood circulation. * Diabetics are advised to consult a health practitioner before using this product.

Ingredients: Maca 75 mg (Lepidium meyenil, root) (20 : 1) Equivalent to 1500 mg dried maca root, Tribulus 150 mg (Tribulus terrestris, Fruit) (10 : 1) Equivalent to 1500 mg dried Tribulus fruit, Ginseng coréen 50 mg (Panax ginseng, Racine) (10 : 1) Equivalent to 500 mg dried ginseng root, Cayenne 15 mg (Capsicum annuum, Fruit)

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Regalia C-191