Regalia C-191

(NPN 80067255)

The First Natural Product for Men AUTHORIZED for Sale by Health Canada

Regalia C-191
  • Used as an aphrodisiac for men!
  • Helps support the emotional aspects of sexual health!
  • Helps improve physical stamina and performance!
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Regalia C-191 is 100% natural and as effective as Viagra or Cialis.1

90-day Guarantee

To make sure as many men as possible enjoy Regalia C-191, we’re offering an incredible guarantee. It’s an amazing offer, and we’re confident that after trying the product you’ll say: “I should’ve bought this product ages ago!” In the unlikely event you’re not completely satisfied with the product, we’ll reimburse you within five days. So give it a try. You’ve got lots to gain and not a single penny to lose.


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Because of the product's nature, the photos remain private in order to preserve the anonymity of the test subject.

A McDonald’s Coffee With Friends!

One morning, while having my coffee at McDonald’s, one of my friends convinced me to put my name down for the study, which I did the next morning. This little bit of friendly advice has literally changed my life. I thank him each time I see him and take great pleasure in buying him a coffee. Thank you. Test Subject #1008

A Birthday Present!

Without my knowing, my wife signed me up to participate in the clinical trials and gave me the participation certificate on my birthday. We both thought that it was kind of a funny gift. But today, she congratulates herself on her initiative, because I can assure you that she’s had more orgasms in the last month than in the last five years! Incredible! What an effective product! Test Subject #1037

Erections Every Day!

I had tried just about every natural product for erectile problems. The results were average, but with Regalia C-191... WOW. Since the 8th day of treatment, I’ve had erections every, every, every single day. It’s fantastic. Thank you. Test Subject #1011

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