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After about 2 wks of using C-191 my erection was so hard that my wife thought I was a much younger man. She was very satisfied.

P. G. Toronto, ON

Great stuff, give me much more stamina. Thanks.

B. D Listowel, ON

WOW! Fantastic capsules! I'm having solid erections not felt in 10 years! And they last much longer than before. It did take about a month to notice but well with the wait!

L. S. Kitchener, ON

I have been on Regalia for almost a year - find it extremely helpful - sex life is good.

N. S. Temagami, ON

Yes I am pleased with this C-191 capsules. I wake up at night 2 or 3 times and I am inflated. My girlfriends are happy with the difference.

D. L. Oshawa, ON

Wow, does Regalia C-191 sure can get it up and hard for me. I just love taking showers now and having a big hard on in a few minutes. Thank you

T. L. Broadview, SK

Best product ever order or bought for arousal.

C. F. Winkler, MB

This treatment seems to re-invigorate me. I feel 20 years younger. It really works.

G. D. Calgary, AB

Regalia C-191 increased my libido, which in turn improved our sexual experiences.

C. C. Cochrane, AB

It's improving. Not 100% but better.

J. M. Milton, ON

I noticed almost immediately my erection lasted longer. I had more confidence an also felt healthier.

G. D. Altona, MB

I'm ordering my second treatment today. I see improvement with my first treatment. I'm feeling better with myself. Thank you.

M. H. Ottawa, ON

Showing 73-84 out of 260 testimonials