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Love the feeling, sex has been amazing at 69 years of age my wife loves what it does for the both of us.

B. E. Red Deer

Here goes, it’s been 9 days and it’s the first life I had below in 9 years. Thank you. I have tried others no good.

R. S. Cambridge

After 8 days Regalia C-191 has improved my erection. Using Regalia C-191 take less time to get an erection with no side effects.

A. M. Mulmur

Though I only tried it for one treatment I must say what a difference, I feel “alive again” my wife see the difference in my mood.

J. F. Brampton

After 15 days began to feel discouraged. After 18 days things began to change – it has been progress ever since. Regalia C-191 has improved my sex life beyond belief. Thank you.

A. L. Cornwall

After only 8 days starting to a positive change / anxious and for see performance in the near future, will keep you informed.

JM. C. Ile Bizard

I think it works for me, that’s why I want to go for another couple of months. Thank you.

A. B. Nagel

Very good! It works!

R. G. Brockville

I am over 60 and have a lot of products with average results. I tried this one and after the 2nd treatment I saw great results that keep on working.

P. P. Welland

Viagra helps me to continue to enjoy my sex life, but with time I have need a booster to increase my libido. After taking this pills for a week I noticed I am more powerful and sexually active.

A. T. Surry

I am already so encouraged by one week’s treatment of Regalia C-191 I am reordering.

R. L. Scarborough

I noticed a difference after 10 days of first using Regalia C-191. It was a feeling of arousal and getting an erection felt easier to achieve. I am willing to try it again to see if I get the same or better results.

C. F. Toronto

Showing 241-252 out of 260 testimonials