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I could usually get an erection but not for long. After the 1st treatment could keep an erection 2-3 times as long thanks Regalia C-191.

P. A. Lyndhurst

I used to get treatment from the usa and now I can worry free take your pills with excellent results. It is comforting to know that an erection works whenever I want. Happy to have Regalia C-191.

D. N. London

After about 3 weeks I noticed a difference.

B. D. Listowel

I am seeing some improvement and have decided to keep taking your product.

B. B. Delhi

I’m not at he firmness of my erections that I want to be, but they are 75% better then before. I want to continue the treatment.

S. F. Sault Ste Marie

I have taken these capsules for 12 days and noticed a good change in my erections on a daily dosage.

L. Q. Vars

My erections are once again becoming more spontaneous after only one week.

T. C. Regina

After only 3 weeks I have start to change my sex life is better. My erections are harder.

G. W. Kingston

They have done a good job. Thanks for the good service.

F. O. St Thomas

I was very happy to find the product Regalia C-191 I felt a difference in my sexually activity in a very short period a look forward to be able to have a hard penis again.

T. D. Pembroke

I am 80 years old. I take 2 pills per day. Today the 10th day the miracle happened, you guys are good.

R. K. Brockville

Love your product. Saving a lot of money. Viagra and Cialis is very expensive very happy with results. I will spread the word.

T. M. Quebec

Showing 205-216 out of 254 testimonials