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After having tried various other companies sexual health products and getting only minimal satisfaction I was determined not to give up, and finally a newspaper article featuring Regalia C-191which one I found a true honest product. Thanks.

R. T. Barrie

I started using C-191 a month now and i saw a great improvement in my erections. I am ordering a full order of a 6 treatments. I will keep using them.

G. T. Marionville

When my first order arrived I started right away, within 3 weeks I has a constant tingly and strong, and hard erections. This works better than my prescribed medication from my doctor.

A. E. Bloomfield

I started experiencing pour erections and premature ejaculation after my vasectomy, Regalia C-19 has returned has returned me to the sexual health I has in my 20's. Thank you!!

P. M Simcoe

My Husband and I are starting to feel like newly weds again. Thank you!

C. M. Port Erie

The performance is not comparable with any other nutrient I have had before. Thank you for the adventure.

A. F. Brampton

After 4 days: Flaccid state more robust. day 6: Glans from pink to purple glans less covered. Day 8: Solid erection. Day 16: Very hard, solid erection! Day 31: Hard, Solid erection and robust flaccid, semen volume increased. Very satisfied.

A. O. Grand Rend

30 day trial offer, penis is fatter increased erections, longer lasting erections, enough to say my wife is much happier.

P. F. Kanata

Great results!

G. T. Scarborough

I am so happy for these pills, I am doing what I used to do in my 40's I am thanking you. God Bless.

S. T. Windsor

3/4 the way through the first batch ( 2 weeks) I am not quite like i was 20. Much better than I was.

A. S. Brampton

Started to have results in 2 weeks, Improvements ever since. Very happy with your product.

J. F. Kemble

Showing 133-144 out of 260 testimonials